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"It is the mind itself which builds the body"

- Joseph Pilates

Why Pilates?

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Pilates has a rich and interesting history, originally called Contrology, Joseph Pilates created a method which has grown and adapted throughout the years. However, the principles of his practice have remained - breath, flow, concentration, centering, precision and control.

By staying true to these principles, the practice promotes mobility, strength and stability by using all the major muscle groups. Being low impact, we can use the Pilates through every season of our lives, adding props to challenge our mind and body us as we age and get deeper into our practice.

Matwork Pilates, along with being accessible to anyone, anywhere, can be just as creative, dynamic and challenging as the increasingly popular (and expensive) reformer classes.

There are many benefits of a consistent practice:

Strengthens & tones muscles
Improves Posture & confidence
Increases flexibility & reduces aches and pains
Helps you to remain injury free
Options for every level

A little bit about me

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I am a Level 3 Pilates matwork instructor, who trained under the expert guidance of Joanne Cobbe, founder of JPilates Ltd. I trained in 2015 and eventually left my other career in online advertising to pursue Pilates full time. The business has grown alongside my 3 children, and since then I have qualified in pre/postnatal and Reformer Pilates. I bring all of these skills to the classes at Shape.

My goal is for everyone to feel the benefits of this beautiful practice, and to help people create movement habits that last a lifetime.

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For me there is no other exercise that energises and grounds me more than this one, I can’t wait to share it with you!

Why Shape?

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There are so many amazing Pilates teachers out there, you have to find one that you relate to in order to stay consistent and get the results you want.

I am you. I created this platform because I’m a time poor mum of 3 who wants the option of short workouts to do anytime and anywhere, without compromising on quality and challenge.

I believe I have the experience and passion to create unique and dynamic classes that will keep your body healthy and your mind energised. My aim is to always be authentic in my teaching, inspiring you to move for the right reasons, and encouraging you to create your own Pilates habits to last a life time.

Private and Corporate Classes

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I offer private 1-1 sessions either online, in my home studio or at your home, depending on location. These are tailored to you using the Pilates method, taking into account any injuries or areas for rehabilitation. These are also suitable pre or postnatally.


Depending on location I am available to teach in your workspace or online. Classes can range from 30 minutes to an hour to fit in with your staff’s schedules.

I am also available for brand events, and festivals to elevate your wellness offering.

access all areas

£7.50 monthly

Pilates | Strength | Meditation | On-demand + live stream 

With over 200 on demand Pilates and Strength classes as well as weekly lives, you can choose the way you move, wherever you are.

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Find classes quicker with our search filter, save your favourites, and keep track of what classes you've taken.

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Weekly Plans and Challenges for when you don't have time to search and the ability to connect with the community.

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Level up with hand weights and small equipment, or start your journey on our beginner plan.

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2 Live x Pilates Classes + 1 Live x Pilates Strength Class Per Week (term time only)

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‘I’m addicted to your programme! The way you teach makes it feel like it’s personalised for me.’

Jade H

‘I’m 47 and have always hated exercise…until I found this! Now I’m obsessed.’

Samantha S

‘I honestly didn’t know Mat pilates could be as dynamic and rewarding as reformer. I’m converted.’

Issy W